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June 2015 (06/01/2015)

Greetings Gentle Readers

This month we have restocked a number of re-enactor staples, including our veil and dress pins, point laces and fire starting kits. Pins and points are dress accessories vital to a variety of high medieval hairstyles and fashions. Point laces are also an important component in plate armour. We have black cotton points, ready-made, and new arming point kits, which make 4 extra-tough hemp plaited point laces.

Another new offering this month for our fibre and textile aficionados is wool yarn sets from the The Colours of Medieval Europe and The Colours of the Dark Ages collections. Each pack contains 6x 25m skeins of wool from Poll Dorset sheep, spun in Yorkshire and hand dyed with period dyestuffs in the Pyrénées, in France. Our initial yarn packs feature second-bath brighter colours with dyes from early medieval 'dark age' and medieval Europe respectively. This is our first foray into fibre craft supplies, but if they prove popular we will also offer deeper 'first bath' and pastel-like 'third bath' colours soon.

In the book department, we have a number of new concise illustrated guides for lover of Anglo-Saxon and Viking culture.The Staffordshire Hoard, Treasures from Sutton Hoo and The Sutton Hoo Helmet each illustrate and explain their respective finds with colour photography and the latest research from the British Museum. Medieval Jewellery in Europe 1100-1500 gives one of the best photographic experiences of the V&A's medieval Jewellery collection since the coveted 'Mediaeval European Jewellery', by Ronald Lightbown went out of print over 20 years ago. For those looking to sink their teeth into a quality academic text, Hamerow's Rural Settlements and Society in Anglo-Saxon England traces the emergence of a new and distinct Anglo-Saxon rural community from the Romano-British landscape.

Finally, just a reminder that Mainly Medieval's next event will be July, at the Abbey Stowe Museum Festival in Queensland. Pre-orders for delivery at Abbey Stowe Festival are available until June 19th.

Until next time, we bid you all - good reading.

Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy - the Mainly Medieval Team

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