July 2016 Newsflash

Greetings Gentle readers,

Apologies – a little late this month but we have been moving forward in leaps and bounds. First, the Abbey Stowe festival was a great success. Marvellous weather made for record crowds and great to see so many old friends as well as making so many new. Our new lines debuted and were very well received; they will be appearing on the website shortly.

At the same time, we are also moving into larger premises with all the attendant chaos that comes with any move. If all goes to plan, the new warehouse will have the space to conduct workshops as well as small niche events; but that is in the future. Meanwhile, we are all looking forward to having more space!
The next event for the Mainly Medieval stall will be St Ives Medieval Faire in September. We have also been asked to run a series of lectures on various domestic aspects of medieval life so drop through and have a chat. St Ives is a great event, growing every year and well worth a trip.
Until next time, we bid you all – good reading!

Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy.

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Badges now searchable by time period

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our website for people. We’ve now enabled searching by time period for our badges so if you’re interested in a particular time period, then come take a look!


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June Newsflash

Greetings Gentle readers,

We had a most enjoyable time at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre, with glorious weather and a lovely venue, we will definitely be attending next year. Meanwhile we are turning our attention to next month’s event at AbbeyStowe in Queensland. Please note; we will continue taking pre-orders only until the 25th of June.

This month will see more reviews of new and classic titles on our Blog and on the website. As well as helpful tips on maintenance of specialty re-enactor pieces, there will also be exciting new items and restocks to peruse With the crisp chill in the air, its time to shake out the woollens and silks and gear up to enjoy the best of living history events of the year.

Until next time, we bid you all – good reading!
Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy.

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Gumeracha – unable to attend

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen personal issues, we’ll no longer be attending Gumeracha this weekend.

We hope that everyone has a fabulous time and we hope to see you all there next year.

Roxy and the Mainly Medieval team

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Back from Rowany Festival AS50, 2016

It was an exciting festival and we’re glad to be home!

This year we tried out a new format and just did a market day at Rowany Festival. It was very busy, some good feedback about things to change for next year but overall a good success!

In May we’ll be going to Gumeracha Medieval Fair (May 8 and 9) so look forward to seeing some people from Adelaide there.

Gumeracha Medieval Fair

(Photo of Medieval Archery Society camp at Rowany Festival AS50 2016 by Andrew Bennett)

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To make Jelly of Flesh, take swine’s feet and snouts and ears and chicken feet. Wash them clean and seep in equal parts wine, vinegar and water. Sieve through a cloth and serve it forth cold. Curye on Inglysch

January 2016 Newsflash

Greetings Gentle Readers;

It has been a while between newsletters and for this we do apologise; we have not been idle! Mainly Medieval as a store and as an entity is evolving to better support Australian re-enactment and improve your retail experience. To that end, we are working to make our website a news and research destination as well as a store. We will be rationalising our somewhat sprawling catalogue to provide goods faster and more efficiently, and to weather the decline of the Australian dollar.

In the coming weeks, you can expect a raft of product changes on our catalogue as we update prices and availability. Rest assured pending backorders are being honoured, regardless of product changes. A number of products will only be available at events but in turn we are working to appear at more events.

Our online store will increasingly focus on locally made re-enactor items and specialist publications including Australian Artisans such as Adam McKay, Medieval Still Room and Cracked Anvil Forge, and the Stuart Press and Compleat Anachronist pamphlet series.

We are excited to bring you these improvements and we thank you for your patronage and patience in 2015. We look forward to seeing you all at more events in the coming year. So until next time, we bid you all – good reading!


Paul, Elden, Loreena and Roxy – the Mainly Medieval Team

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May Newsflash

Greetings Gentle reader,
This month we are showcasing new titles in a variety of crafts and trades from Straw and Strawcraft (Shire Publishing) to Calligraphy from the Court of Emperor Ruldolf II, and the Italian Fruit and vegetables of the 16th Century. During the next few weeks we will also be adding new brass belt findings and brooches from a variety of periods. For our subscribers, be assured the May issues of Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare will be here shortly.

Until next month we bid you all, good reading.
Paul and Loreena

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