Beeswax Linen Covers for Pots


We’ve been sellingBeeswax linen covers for pots,jugs and other items for a while now. With the heat of your hand, they can be gently pressed around the container, keeping the inside protected and making it easier for storage and transportation.

Here are the documented resources that I have so far been able to track down which show what I believe to be linen beeswax covers over the jugs. Any other sources that I find or am told about will be added to this list so that future people don’t need to go nuts trying to track down original extant sources for this.


Reference sources

14th Century

The French National Library has a 14th century copy of Tacuinum Sanitatis which has several images of jugs and pots covered with cloth. Some have string tied, some don’t. Several look like jugs with beeswax cloth.
F99 F114 F119 F20 F189 F193 F196 F197 F199 F200


Also the Tacuinum Sanitatis 14th century but a different book?


15th Century

The annunciation with Saint Emidius, Carlo Crivelli, 1482

(Zoom in onto the shelf above the lady by herself, underneath the peacock)

Interior of a pharmacy (fresco), Italian School, 15th century/Castello di Issogne,
Val d’Aosta, Italy.

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Free Online Resources for Medieval Cooking

Yesterday’s facebook post about “An Archive of 3000 vintage cookbooks” made me realise that while there’s nothing like a physical copy of a book, sometimes you need the online sources.

So here’s a collection of medieval cookbooks online.

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