Australian Medieval Fair Calendar – 2017

There’s lots of great medieval fairs and historical re-enactment displays in Australia every month. We offer a central directory to find your local medieval fair or renaissance fair. If we’ve missed your favourite medieval re-enactment event, please email us on to let us know! We are always looking for news and reviews from your medieval travels, too.


2017 Season

11-12 March Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire

Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire
(Ballarat, Vic)

1-2 April Tasman Shield International Jousting Tournament

Tasman Shield International Jousting Tournament
Australia vs New Zealand
(Ballarat, Vic)

1-2 April Inverell Medieval Festival

Inverell Medieval Festival
(Inverell, NSW)
Inverell Medieval Festival on Facebook

22-13 April Ironfest

An Arts Festival with a Metal Edge
(Lithgow, NSW)

6-7 May Gumeracha Medieval Fair

Gumeracha Medieval Fair
Come and enjoy the fun at the Gumeracha Medieval Fair!
(Gumeracha, SA)

20-21 May Blacktown City Medieval Fayre - (Mainly Medieval)

Blacktown City Medieval Fayre
My Lords and Ladies, Blacktown City Medieval Fayre is ready to take everyone on a journey to the dark world of our medieval ancestors.
(Blacktown – Sydney, NSW)

10-11 June History Alive

History Alive
A Journey Through Time
(Fort Lytton National Park – Brisbane, Qld)

1-2 July Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair

Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair
(Richmond, NSW )

8-9 July Abbey Medieval Festival - (Mainly Medieval)

Abbey Medieval Festival
Mainly Medieval will be present as usual at this fantastic event.
(Caboolture, QLD)

28-31 July, Carnivale Historica

Carnivale Historica
Camping in Costume
(Rockhampton, QLD)

19-20 August, Veris Castra

Veris Castra
Rockhampton’s Medieval Spring Encampment
(Rockhampton, QLD)

26-27 August 2016, Balingup Medieval Carnival

Balingup Medieval Carnivale
(Balingup, WA)

23-24 September St Ives Medieval Faire - (Mainly Medieval)

St Ives Medieval Faire
Medieval Fun for the whole family
We can’t wait to return to this incredible event.
(St Ives – Sydney, NSW)

14-15 October Sheffield Medieval Festival

Sheffield Medieval Festival
(Sheffield, TAS)
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28-29 October Timeline Festival

Timeline Festival
(Ballarat, Vic)