Images in the Margins – Review

Images in the Margins is a fun book details some of the (often silly) margins that could be found in medieval manuscripts.

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Early English Meals and Manners- Review

Something that I think more people should look into is manners. We spend all this time on clothing and cooking but not on how the food it was presented, why it was presented the way it was, and how good mannered people functioned in society in general.

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Women’s Secrets – Review

Women’s secrets is a modern translation of De secretis mulierum – which was a treatise designed to teach celebrate monks about reproduction, the facts of life, and some of the facts of the universe.

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Free Online Resources for Medieval Cooking

Yesterday’s facebook post about “An Archive of 3000 vintage cookbooks” made me realise that while there’s nothing like a physical copy of a book, sometimes you need the online sources.

So here’s a collection of medieval cookbooks online.

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Dress Accessories 1150-1450 – Review

Museum of London’s Dress Accessories is one of the best places to start looking at English archaeological finds in regards to what people were accessorizing themselves with.

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Cleaning your linens

Want to know how to get your beautiful linens clean after an event? Here’s how!

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