The Petworth Book of Country House Cooking -Review

“So what’s a Petworth?”
“Well, it’s a Great Estate in England, built in the 12th Century….”
“It depends on what the pound is selling them for.”
“…. I’m putting that in my review now.”

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Early English Meals and Manners- Review

Something that I think more people should look into is manners. We spend all this time on clothing and cooking but not on how the food it was presented, why it was presented the way it was, and how good mannered people functioned in society in general.

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Free Online Resources for Medieval Cooking

Yesterday’s facebook post about “An Archive of 3000 vintage cookbooks” made me realise that while there’s nothing like a physical copy of a book, sometimes you need the online sources.

So here’s a collection of medieval cookbooks online.

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Pleyn Delit – Review

I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants to do more period cooking but doesn’t want to work out a redaction themselves, who lacks confidence in their skillsĀ or who just wants to eat some delicious and different foods.

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The Book of Sent Sovi – Review

Normally, when I recommend a cooking book, it’s for the redactions. That is, the recipes translated from the original language and dialect into a modern recipe. The Book Of Sent Sovi, however, is a little bit different…

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The Medieval Kitchen – Review

The Medieval Kitchen is a collection of recipes from 14th and 15th French and Italian sources. It separates the recipes into the various categories – Soups, pasta, meats cooked in sauce, pies etc. This makes it a lot easier for a cook who knows what kind of food they want to cook, but not what exactly they want to cook.
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Cooking & Dining in Medieval England – Review

Ah Brears. Brears, Brears, Brears. This is my all time favourite cooking book. While it helps that the time period I re-enact is 14th Century English and this book is bang on for what I do, it is also a fantastic resource.

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The Medieval Cookbook – Review

This book bears the lofty impression of the British Museum, but is it better suited to their library shelves, or their gift shop shelves?

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