The Petworth Book of Country House Cooking -Review

“So what’s a Petworth?”
“Well, it’s a Great Estate in England, built in the 12th Century….”
“It depends on what the pound is selling them for.”
“…. I’m putting that in my review now.”

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The Medieval Kitchen – Review

The Medieval Kitchen is a collection of recipes from 14th and 15th French and Italian sources. It separates the recipes into the various categories – Soups, pasta, meats cooked in sauce, pies etc. This makes it a lot easier for a cook who knows what kind of food they want to cook, but not what exactly they want to cook.
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Medieval Pets – Review

Walker-Meikle’s Medieval Pets is the premier text on the history of trained squirrels. If that’s not reason enough to grab a copy, read on

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