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Carved Lady Knife Carved Lady Knife $650.00AUD Buy Now
Inlaid Chaffer Knife - SOLD Inlaid Chaffer Knife - SOLD $184.00AUD Buy Now
Medieval Chef's Knife - SOLD Medieval Chef's Knife - SOLD $220.00AUD Buy Now
Morgan Bible Serving Knife - SOLD Morgan Bible Serving Knife - SOLD $184.00AUD Buy Now
Tudor Chef's Knife - SOLD Tudor Chef's Knife - SOLD $184.00AUD Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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1200 - 1300 AD
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1500 - 1600 AD

1 x 15th C Playing Cards
1 x Game of the Goose
1 x Silk Cushion cover; tulips
1 x White Napkin with Fine Grey stripes
1 x Towel; Grey with White stripes
1 x Napkin with Grey stripes
1 x White Napkin with Delicate blue stripes
1 x White Napkin with Grey stripes
1 x Towel; Red with natural colour bands and stripes
1 x Wrap; Natural base with Red stripes
1 x Napkin, Natural colour with blue stripes
1 x Towel; Charcoal diapered on natural
1 x Silk Cushion cover; carnations
1 x White Napkin with blue stripes
1 x Towel; White with Grey stripes
1 x Towel; Natural with Blue bands and stripes
1 x Hand woven Face cloths
1 x Gryphon tablecloth
1 x Lovers Token, Heart Framed
1 x Lover token; heart and flower
1 x Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: 236 ml pump spray
1 x How to put up your Revival Round Pavilion
1 x High carbon steel knife care.
1 x Lovers token, hand with truelove
1 x Forget me not lovers token
1 x Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: 3.79L Bulk Bottle
1 x Lovers token, 'Par amour'
1 x Lover's Token
1 x Lovers Token - Popinjay
1 x Brass Care
1 x Table Linen washing instructions.
1 x Del's Dance Music 5 CD set
1 x Dance While You May; CD
1 x Eschewynge of Ydlenesse: Music for Dancing CD
1 x Trobyll me the bordon
1 x Tales from the Green Valley: DVD
1 x Wayward - Rota Fortunae CD
1 x O Dulcis Scotia; CD
1 x Del's Dance Disc
1 x Whatsoever ye wyll: Dance in the 15th Century; CD
1 x Leibringen: An Introduction to Medieval Wrestling
1 x Making More Buttons: 28 more needlework buttons
1 x Jettons, Pewter
1 x Alfred the Great coin set
1 x Set of Keys
1 x Richard III/ Edward IV coin set
1 x Henry VI coin set
1 x Charles the First Coin set
1 x Elizabeth 1 Gold Angel
1 x Henry VIII coin set
1 x Elizabeth 1 coin set
1 x Elizabeth 1 Gold Sovereign
1 x Collection Coin set
1 x Copper tongs
1 x Inlaid Chaffer Knife - SOLD
1 x Acorn knop (pewter acorn knop)
1 x Jester head spoon
1 x Late 13th Century Devotional candleholder
1 x Maidenhead spoon
1 x Diamond top spoon
1 x Acorn spoon
1 x Hexagonal beaker
1 x Medieval Chef's Knife - SOLD
1 x Momento Mori Pirate Spoon
1 x Octagonal Flagon
1 x Chalice Spoon