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Mainly Medieval Blog
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1 x Gryphon tablecloth
1 x Towel; White with Grey stripes
1 x Towel; Natural with Blue bands and stripes
1 x Towel; Red with natural colour bands and stripes
1 x O Dulcis Scotia; CD
1 x Del's Dance Disc
1 x Eschewynge of Ydlenesse: Music for Dancing CD
1 x Whatsoever ye wyll: Dance in the 15th Century; CD
1 x Wayward - Rota Fortunae CD
1 x Leibringen: An Introduction to Medieval Wrestling
1 x Silk Cushion cover; tulips
1 x Towel; Charcoal diapered on natural
1 x White Napkin with Fine Grey stripes
1 x 16th C German Playing Cards
1 x Dice, Clay
1 x Dice, Lead
1 x 16th C German Flotner card deck
1 x 18th C Playing Cards
1 x Dice, 8 sided
1 x Collection Coin set
1 x Elizabeth 1 Gold Angel
1 x Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: 236 ml pump spray
1 x Morgan Bible Serving Knife - SOLD
1 x Pewter Domestic candleholder
1 x Medieval Chef's Knife - SOLD
1 x Fire Starter kit
1 x Maidenhead spoon
1 x Fire Starter kit Refill
1 x Inlaid Chaffer Knife - SOLD
1 x Late 13th Century Devotional candleholder
1 x Carved Lady Knife
1 x Diamond top spoon
1 x Jewel top spoon
1 x Octagonal Flagon
1 x Carved Wooden Incense Stick holder
1 x Delicate Wash ball
1 x Brass needle point tweezers
1 x Charcoal tablets
1 x Barberry, whole, dried.
1 x Calendula Ointment
1 x Cubeb berries, whole
1 x Ceramic incense burner with lid
1 x Brass Incense Burner
1 x Bok Hor Incense Balls
1 x Comfrey ointment
1 x Cosmetic tool
1 x Belt Buckle #03
1 x Belt Buckle #19
1 x Belt Buckle #15
1 x Belt Buckle #08