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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:12 pm 
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Well, well, well folks,

last weekend I've traveled the first time in my life to Poland, to be more specific to Warsaw. For what reason? For the 4th Edition of the Hussar, of cause! Well if you haven't heard about this great contest, you should definitely read on. And if you have heard about it, go on reading as well!

I arrived on Friday around midnight, and on my taxi ride from the station to my hotel, I could already see it's definitely a town more then worth visiting. I checked in at my five star hotel, which was cheaper but more luxurious then a lot of three star hotels I've been to. So the start of my weekend was already under good stars. At the lobby I met my friend and president Zaphod Beeblebrox aka Michael Bartels from http://masterminis.blogspot.de/. I carried my stuff up into my room and then we went for a walk. Warsaw at night, what a sight! At 2 am after a longer chat i went to bed, already with a thrill of anticipation on how the next day will be.

I went up at 9 am, prepared myself, went to the lobby and waited there for the president. We took a taxi and after a 10 minutes ride we arrived at the Community Centre Rakowiec .
We went in and came into the exhibition room with already some people in there. With the aura of the president next to me, people started to turn to us and welcome us. I felt welcome from the first second I entered the room. We also met Stefan Johnsson ( https://www.facebook.com/SkelettetS?fref=ts ) who accompanied us the whole day. When I started unpacking my eight entries (4 for the unjudged category called "showcase", the rest for 4 of 6 categories), people were coming to me and asking if they could have a look. They seemed to like my work which made me proud, as it came from some of Polands pro painters I knew from the big mind-cluster called internet... I entered my miniatures in "single model - fantasy", "single model - SF", "Large Model" and "diorama". Only in "war machine" and "unit" I didn't enter. So the kind of categories they've got, are quiet a solid standard choice. Also the prize system was solid standard, meaning one gold, one silver and one bronze per category. But the real cool thing I got surprised by during the award ceremony was that all finalists got an honorable mention and are here fore called up onto the stage. So even if you haven't made it for a placing you could get your moment of fame on the stage of winners!
Ah well back to the events during the day. We ran around the exhibition room looking at miniatures, taking photos and most of the time talking to the amazing people all around us. Also I had a look or two at the miniatures sold in the shopping area upstairs and in the exhibition room. As always before a event I said to myself I wouldn't buy a miniature. Well this time a Luke Skywalker from Knight Models and a cool girl called Morgenstern from Mauser Earth made it into my shopping bag...
In the room where the award ceremony would be later on, there was a 90 min or so painting demonstration with the famous painter Karol Rudyk ( https://www.facebook.com/KarolRudykArt?fref=ts ) from Poland about the kind of freehand he had painted on his albino orc on wyvern called "The Hunting". After that we went for the second round of speed painting as we didn't join the first round. After 30 minutes of flying brushes and flowing paint, we had again some time for some chatting an to have a look at the rest of the miniatures that were entered into the contest that we hadn't seen yet (entering models ended at 1 pm). Wow! All the miniatures I saw in the cabinets entered into the exhibition were just top notch work! I mean for real, there were nearly no beginner entries and if so they were mostly by the painting community youth starting at age 6. Those miniatures were also looking awesome from the point of view that they've been painted by young ones! I was overwhelmed by the top notch works, the scenes, their light situations, color choices, blendings, freehands, created moods, in total just mind blowing.
So it was a reaaaaalllly high painting standard, definitely comparable to my favorite event in Germany "the duke of Bavaria". The number of entries if I heard and remember it correctly was around 100, which I think for such a young event (4th Edition) is really good.
After the second session of jibber jabber and photographing miniatures, we went upstairs to another painting demonstration with no different then painting legend Julio Cabos! He painted skin on an Andrea pinup model and metallics on a knight. Ah btw both painting demonstrations were in english and polish, the one with Karol has been translated to english and the one with Julio to polish. The presentation was filmed and shown on a big screen and as the quality of the camera was that good there was no need to stand up and have a look over the shoulder of the painter, which means not you weren't able to do that. Asking questions was allowed and even wanted.
After the presentation there was still time left before the award ceremony to talk more, have another look at the miniatures, buy something or grab something to eat. In the building there was a small shop to buy some food and drinks, if you needed some more fancy food I heard there was a pizzeria or so nearby. Well I didn't make it there as I was kind of satisfied with the portion of scrambled eggs and pancakes in the morning and later on some fries from the in-house shop.
Then it came, the award ceremony. We all went up into the hall where the painting demonstrations had been, eagerly waiting for the results. After Michal Pisarski's ( https://www.facebook.com/LanArtStudio ) friends made some jokes about him and his company logo in the shape of the Facebook thump up pointing downwards in silver, it started.
After some introduction and thanks to all the people at the event, they started with the real award ceremony. At the beginning Julio Cabos gave a special award to his best of show toooo...Karol Rudyk for his albino orc on wyvern! Congrats! Then the first category fantasy single, first name...MINE! I was like woooot??? I went up ready to receive a trophy, but instead I got a diploma and a miniature. Confused as I always am, I nearly went off the stage but was told to stay on stage at the side (during the introduction of the ceremony we were told this but as confused as I've been at that moment, I had forgotten about it). When I arrived at my destination on the side of the stage , I had a look at the diploma. It said "Honourable mention", ahhhh, that's why no trophy for me. But how cool is that, finalists get attention too, not only the winners! Great idea!
So the ceremony went on, all the finalists and winners got their well deserved moments of acknowledgement, then in one of the last categories, I already was in the mode of just being happy for everyone else, I heard my name again for a first place and again I was like WOOOOOOT??? So happy I made gold in diorama with the nurgle swamp i showed you a while ago ( http://t-raumschmiede.blogspot.de/2013/ ... ep-by.html ). Ceremony continued and went to the best of show. Then it happened, the miniature that was shown on the screen was by Stefan Johnsson, the dude I spent the whole day with besides to our president. I could see in his face that this time he was like WooOOOOoooOOooottTTttTT???? Congrats again dude.
Funny thing, just before the ceremony Stefan, the president and me were standing together chatting as the president said "Concerning the niveau of the contest, I would look quiet like a pro painter if you both don't place". Well after the ceremony he just said with a single tear in his eyes " How do I look now...".
After the contest there was an after-show-party in the room next to the small in-house shop. Chatting, beer, more chatting, more beer and so on. After that we split up and some of us went to Bogusz Bohun Stupnicki and his wifes place to partey on. But this is a another Story.
All I can say for now is that I was told my president and me arrived at our hotel around 5 am. Concerning the hangover I still had on Sunday 1 pm, that might have been right. I somehow managed to crawl out of the hotel into the train to ride home...

So in total this was an awesome event, the niveau was high, the people nice, the organization great and the vodka wet. I'm planning to go next year again, this time i'll take some days off to be able to walk through the streets of Warsaw. Hope you people out there reading this will come as well, it will be heaps of fun!

Now the winners list and some links to picture galleries of the event:

""h13 results:

1. Grzegorz Kluska
2. Piotr Czajka
3. Michał Pisarski


1. Michał -Lan- Pisarski „Witch Elf”
2. Artur -Artur- Żołędowski „Kval Kartan”
3. Marián Hodas „Knightmare”
honourable mentions
Klaus Dorn „Fat guy in the woods”
Nadezhda -Hope River- Reka „Practice time”
Kirill -Yellow One- Kanaev „Magus”
Krzysztof -Redav- Kobalczyk „Inquisitor”


1. Artur -Artur- Żołędowski „Snikrot”
2. Łukasz -Ctan- Grzyb „Nurgle Lord”
3. Jarek -Camelson- Drabek „Libra”
honourable mentions
Michał -Lan- Pisarski „Chaos Space Marine”
Edwin -Daith- Smoliński „Ultramarine Librarian”
Marián Hodas „Anathematic”


1. Stefan -Skelett S- Johnsson „Rhinotaurus”
2. Karol Rudyk „The Hunting”
3. Adam -Loler- Hałon „Wiedźmin”
honourable mentions
Krzysztof -Redav- Kobalczyk „Dat Ass”
Piotr Czajka „Cyber Punk”
Marián Hodas „Persian Princess”


1. Klaus Dorn „Nurgle in the woods”
2. Łukasz -Luka/Frost- Mrozek „Top Gunz”
3. Łukasz -Ctan- Grzyb „Meadow of Doom”
honourable mentions
Artur -Artur- Żołędowski „Tinker-Belle”
Piotr Czajka „Girl and her Sentinel”
Mariusz Bieńczyk „Niemiecki żołnierz”


1. Karol Rudyk „Lords of Shadow”
2. Kirill -Yellow One- Kanaev „Palladins squad”
3. Radovan Rybović „Imperial Guard Spec. Forces”
honourable mentions
Łukasz -Ctan- Grzyb „Raptors”
Łukasz Mazur „Chłopcy z Placu Broni”
Stefan -Skelett S- Johnsson „Pink Horrors”

1. Marcin Kalbarczyk „Menck 154”
2. Piotr Czajka „Asuka”
3. Stefan -Skelett S- Johnsson „Grot Tank”
honourable mentions
Tomasz Hanke „Ork Ultra Dredd”
Nadezhda -HopeRiver- Reka „Crimson Hunter”
Łukasz -Ctan- Grzyb „Czołg „Nosorożec” z zakonu Czerwonych Skorpionów”

Juliusz Brysik „Paszczak”

Stefan -Skelett S- Johnsson „Rhinotaurus” ""

(Source: Facebook page of the Hussar 2013 https://www.facebook.com/events/5280198 ... 5/?fref=ts )

https://plus.google.com/photos/11025679 ... cOX-or0zAE

-Other Sources:
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 886&type=1
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 886&type=1
http://s242.photobucket.com/user/Maru-d ... 013?sort=2

So hope to see maybe some of you there next year (yeah I know quiet a distance, but I'll never give up hope)!


We would be happy if you show us your stuff in the international corner of our german forum:

PostPosted: Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:03 am 
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Thanks for the report! It looks like a great show!

"Australia is the land of Apathy, gods have no place here... especially if they make you do stuff."
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