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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2015 12:05 pm 
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Hey guys,

Just a reminder about my classes in Melbourne and Sydney. Please take a look at the links on my page and let me know if you have any questions. The Melbourne class has very limited seating due to the size of the space we are using and it is starting to fill up! I'd recommend getting a deposit in for your seat if not able to pay up front.

The Sydney class is a bit different this time. Instead of committing to a weekend long class I have broken up Saturday and Sunday into four 2 hour sessions on different topics. You can sign up for each topic separately so you don't have to commit to a whole weekend. Each section is $25/person/section.

The Melbourne class is the 16 hour Intensive Painting course over Saturday and Sunday for $205/person.

If interested in attending a class please email me with which class/classes you'd like to sign up for and I can give you the payment details and put you on my roster.


We are changing things up just for Campbelltown! A lot of people have given me good feedback that they either can't spend a whole weekend at a painting class or the price point is simply too high for both days. So, I came up with an alternative plan: A La Carte Painting Classes!

I will run the painting classes during the same time as a 2 day class but offer 2 hour blocks of 4 topics throughout the weekend.

Each class section can hold up to 25 people. This is the format I run convention classes in and have been very successful at conventions like GenCon, Adepticon, CanCon and WinterCon. I am hoping this will reach more people in the community and you guys can take exactly what you want through the weekend.

Each class per person will be $25 for 2 hours. You will need to email me what you want to sign up for through the weekend and pay in advance of the class. You can either use PayPal or we can do a Bank Transfer.

As far as supplies, you will need to bring your own paint, brushes, miniatures and palettes. For every technique aside from 2 brush blending you can bring whatever you like. 2BB requires specific tools which I will list in the course description.

Here's the schedule!


10-12 2 Brush Blending
Learn the main technique used in the Privateer Press P3 Painting studio with me, Meg, a former P3 Studio Painter. You will need a dry well palette (not wet palette and not a flat tile, it needs to have wells for the paint so it doesn't dry out too quickly), and 2 Kolinsky sable pointed rounds in sizes 2 and 3 or 3 and 4. Alternately, you can use Synthetic Sable Rounds made for watercolor in the same sizes.

12-2 True Metallic Metals
Learn how to paint everything from realistic shiny metal objects to rusted and aged metals to tinted and colored metallics. I use several blending techniques and color theory to create interesting looking metals with a lot of interest. You can bring whatever tools you are comfortable with but I do recommend acrylic metallics.

3-5 Faces
This section will focus purely on painting the face of your model. I'll explain how to highlight and shade sections and how your placement should differ between male and female faces as well as young versus old faces. You can bring any scale of model including busts for this section.

5-7 Skintones
This will cover a lot of color theory in relation to creating a beautiful, vibrant and lively skin tone on your model. There will be a lot of discussion followed up with some hands on work.


10-12 Glowy Bits
This section will cover how to painting glowing bits on the model as well as Object Source Lighting off the model. I do recommend bringing a model with you that is painted to completion other than the OSL needing to be done. If you want to try glowing effects that are on the base lighting the model as opposed to a light emanating from the model, you will need to have a fully constructed and painted display base as well since we will paint the glow directly on it.

12-2 Fur and Hair
We'll cover how to paint short fur and hair that may not have too much definition sculpted in as well as how to paint hair that has the strand texture sculpted. Both require slightly different techniques but the tweaks make a difference in the end result. Make sure to bring a figure with you that has either a lot of hair or a lot of fur or both!

3-5 Introduction to Freehand
I'll explain my process for creating freehand patterns on fabrics and how to make the freehand look like it's part of the fabric instead of floating over top of it. This technique will use a lot of glazing and you will need to make sure you have a really good quality detail brush with a super sharp point in order to create intricate patterns. I would recommend bringing a model with the section the freehand is going on to to be shaded and highlighted that way we can get straight into painting the freehand.

5-7 Painting Red
Lots of people tell me they have difficulty painting red but I had to paint a lot of red armor when working at Privateer Press! I'll show you how to create a variety of rich reds for armor, leather and anything else on the model you may want. Bring a model that is primed in white.


Join me and the crew at Games Laboratory in Melbourne in August 2015. This is gonna be amazing! You don't want to miss out!

I am including a stop in Melbourne on my Australia Tour 2015. The Melbourne Painting Community is awesome!

The classes include the following:

For AUD$205/person the students will receive 16 hours of instruction with me, an award winning and internationally recognized miniature painter!

Day 1 will cover:
Miniature Cleaning and Prep
Proper Priming Techniques
2 Brush Blending (a quick and efficient technique for smooth blends)
Painting Faces and Eyes.
Color Theory

Day 2 will cover:
Hair and Fur
OSL (glowy bits)
Basing materials
True Metallic Metals

I recommend students bring the following with them:

Painting lamp

P3 paints (if you have them, they are best for 2 Brush Blending. Vallejo will also work for 2BB but will be more difficult. Reaper, GW and Scale 75 paint will not work with 2 brush blending. You can purchase a variety of P3 paint directly from Game Lab.

There are a few options. I use a Raphael 8404 Sable size 3 for blending and a Winsor and Newton Series 7 (standard not miniature sizes) size 2 for application and details.

You can also use a size 2 and 3 from Rosemary & Co Artists Brushes series 22 (not 33).

Or you can get any good quality Red Sable Brushes as well in a size 2 and 3.

Dry well palette

Sketchbook and pen for note taking

Hair dryer (at least a couple for the class to share)

Super glue
Hobby knife

Other minis to practice techniques on that include a well sculpted and defined face, fur/hair, weapons or shields, something that can be turned into a glowy bit, lots of skin and wide open spaces such as shields or capes to practice blending. You can bring whatever scale of mini you like but I recommend between 28mm and 54mm for this class.

White and Black Spray Primer for Zenithal Priming

In order to reserve space you can send AUD$205 via a bank transfer or paypal to arcanepaintworks@gmail.com. If you need more time to get the full payment in but don't want to miss out on a seat you can also send in AUD$50 as a non-refundable deposit.

We will have limited seating so don't miss your opportunity to register for class.

Please let me know if you are interested!

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