Henry VIII coin set
[Henry viii coin set]

Henry the VIII coin set

  • Time period: 1509-1547
  • Origin: English
  • Materials: Pewter
  • Product Dimensions: Various diameters.

Further details:

Four coins in the set. The image shows both sides of each coin. Left to right: Testoon (12/-), Groat, Halfgroat, Halfpenny.

The Testoon is the forerunner of the Shilling. The Groat is from the reign of Henry VII as these coins were still minted in the early years of the reign of Henry VIII.


Please note; Although medieval coins were cast in silver, these replicas are cast in lead free pewter.


Staff comments:


In addition to coins, the pouch or purse could also contain other items, much as we carry in our handbags and pockets today. Practical items such as tiny mirrors and entertainment paraphernalia such as jettons, deck of cards and dice were not uncommon for both the gentleman and the lady of the day.

Period: 1500 - 1600 AD
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