16th C German Playing Cards
[16th C german]

Game #8; 16th Century German playing Cards.

  • Time period: 16th Century.
  • Players: Game dependant.
  • Materials: Coloured Cardstock.
  • Product Dimensions: Deck Dimensions; 6.2cm width x 9.5cm length x 2cm depth.

Further details:

Dating to 1588 this 52 card deck is based on on e of the most significant works of Jost Amman, one of the more prolific artists of the German Renaissance. German printers experimented with a wide range of symbols, this deck uses Books, Jars, Printers Ink Pads and Cups. Jacks and Queens are represented by the Unter (suit symbol at the bottom of the card) and Ober (suit symbol at the top of the card). The King is on horseback and the 10 of each suit is always female.


Period: 1500 - 1600 AD

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