Eschewynge of Ydlenesse: Music for Dancing CD

Group: duo Misericordia, Gaita and Guests

Musicians: Anne Marie Summers, Stephen Tyler, Cati Webb, Chris Elmes, Thor Ewing, Helen Barber


Gaita (Chris Elmes and Cait Webb) have recently recorded, with the duo Misericordia (Anne Marie Summers and Steve Tyler), a CD of medieval and renaissance dance music. It includes eight dances from the recently rediscovered 'Gresley' manuscript (England c.1500; MISERI7) as well as dances from 15th century Italian sources, Burgundian basse dances, a selection of branles from Arbeau (1589), and medieval dance tunes and songs.

These include; Double bran;e, Talbot, Northumberland, Ly bens distonys, Prenes a gard, Eglamour, Esperans, Temperans, Prenes in gre, Maltese branle, J'ai fait ami a mon chois, Estampie no. 5, Estampie no.3, Soufres maris, Nouvele amor, Ad mortem festinamus, Petit vriens, Rostibolli, Amoroso, Cancon de pifari, La Figlia de Guglielmino, Grazioso, Anello, Danse de Cleves, Quene note, Basse Alenchon, Branles (Hermits, Pease, Clogs, Washerwoman).

An accompanying booklet (Eschewynge of Ydlenesse : Steps for Dancing from the Middle Ages and Renaissance) is also available with dance steps, choreographies and melodies from the original manuscripts for all the dances on this CD.

Further details:

  • CD:1 Discs
  • Play time: 61:33 mins
  • Product Dimensions:14.0 x 12.5 x 1.0 cm

Staff Comments:


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