Whatsoever ye wyll: Dance in the 15th Century; CD

Group: Gaita

Musicians: Andrew Casson, Chris Elmes, Cait Webb


A CD containing 20 dances from Europe in the 15th Century including Italian Balli, Bassedanze, Saltarelli and Pive, Burgundian Basse Danse, and selection of dances from the Gresley manuscript. (GMMCD02)

This CD has two accompanying booklets also available. The first has the dance steps for each dance on the CD (Whatsoever ye wyll; Steps for Dancing). The second booklet has full original arrangements for all the tracks on the CD in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-part settings (see Whatsoever ye wyll; Arrangements for Dancing).

Index: Duchesco; Legiadra; Chirintana; Colonese; Voltati in ca rosina; Giloxia; Pizochara; Belreguardo; Piva; Phoebus; Saltarello; Damnes; Filles a marier; Bugill; Tamrett; Whatsoever ye wyll; Aras; Egle; Pavane La Venissiene; Galliard.


Further details:

  • CD:1 Discs
  • Play time: 51:28 mins
  • Product Dimensions:14.0 x 12.5 x 1.0 cm

Staff Comments:


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