Wayward - Rota Fortunae CD

Group: Wayward

The theme of Wayward's new Medieval CD "Rota Fortunae" is the 'Wheel Of Fortune'. With songs and melodies from the 12th Century onward, celebrating the love of women, wine and the minstrel's life and also the pitfalls these can bring with them.

Musicians: Ricarda Reeck and Nick Potts

Ricarda Reeck and Nick Potts formed Wayward in March 1999 prior to heading over to Europe to discover the music of the Hurdy Gurdy and Bagpipe. In Australia Wayward has performed at festivals such as The Abbey Medieval Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, St Albans Folk Festival and Ironfest. The years 2004, 2007 and 2008 saw Wayward back in Europe playing at events in Belgium, such as the Historia Mundi time line event, historic events at Gent Castle and the Walraversijde Museum, as well as at Archeon in Holland, Burg Wallenstein in Germany, and the Stiklestad St. Olav Festival and the Trondheim St. Olav Music Festival in Norway. Nick and Ricarda also play with The Gruntled.


The CDs contain the following tracks:

  1. Ai Vist Lo Lop: Trad Occitanian (13th Century) France
  2. Chansonetta Tedesca Anon. Codex Lo. (14th Cent.) Italy
  3. Chantem La Retira trad. Occitanian, Languedoc, France
  4. In Taberna Carmina Burana (c. 1220-1230) Germany
  5. Kalenda Maya Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (13th Cent.) France
  6. Mayenzeit Neidhart von Reuental (13th Cent.) Germany & Ricarda Reeck (2012) Australia
  7. Miri It Is Anon. (c.1225) England
  8. Quand Je Sui Mis Au Retour Guillaume de Machaut (14th Cent.) France
  9. Non Sofre Santa Maria Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th Cent.) Galicia
  10. All Voll Golgauer Liederbuch (1480) Germany
  11. The Joys Of Mary Anon. (14th Cent.) England
  12. Sire Cuens Colin Muset (13th Cent.) France
  13. Vänner Och Fränder trad. Sweden
  14. Skål! Ricarda Reeck (2014) Australia



Further details:

  • CD:1 Discs
  • Play time: 52 mins
  • Product Dimensions:14.0 x 12.5 x 1.0 cm
Period: 1200 - 1300 AD, 1300 - 1400 AD
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