How to put up your Revival Round Pavilion

This is how I put up my round pavilion. Other people have other ways that work equally well.


Pavilion canvas

Center Pole (Three pieces with connecting sleeves) + Finial

Spoke Hub

8 spokes with ropes

8 spokes with stoppered ends

Tent pegs in bag


1. Lay out the fabric. Orient the door in the direction you want the pavilion to face.

2. Unroll the ropes on the spokes that have them.

3. Put the spoke hub onto the middle piece of the center pole. The hub will rest on the band.

4. Insert the upper center pole (with the spike at the top) into the sleeve of the middle center pole.

5. Insert the lower center pole into the bottom of the middle.

6. Insert the center pole into the cap at the top of the fabric.

7. Place the finial onto the spike protruding through the top of the fabric.

8. If you are putting the tent up by yourself, take 4 stakes and stake around the base of the tent. If you have more than one person, you can skip this step.

9. Raise the center pole. Make sure the door is facing the way you want it.

10. Locate the center of the door. You Probably don�t want a rope right there, so move one grommet hole over. Take a spoke with a rope and run the rope through the grommet hole until the spoke is seated in the grommet. Place the other end of the spoke into the spoke hub.

11. Stake down the rope.

12. Locate the grommet hole and hole on the spoke hub diametrically across from the spoke you just put in. Repeating steps 10 and 11, put that one in too.

13. Put in the roped spokes at right angles to the two you have in. Then begin filling in the other roped spokes.

NOTE: It is important to place a spoke then put the one opposite to it in next. Otherwise you create uneven tension on the roof and the last few spokes are nearly impossible to get in.

14. Once you have all the roped spokes in, put in the others. The last one or two may be difficult, especially when the fabric is new and not yet stretched out.

15. Stake down the walls of the pavilion.

NOTE: Some people have a tendency to stake the fabric around the doors too wide open to actually close the door. You can prevent this by lacing the front door closed before staking the base.

To close the front:

1. Take the top closure loop, run it through the grommet hole and pull down.

2. Take the next closure loop, run it through the grommet and through the top loop and pull down.

3. Continue lacing the closure loops through the grommet holes and previous loops until you reach the bottom.

4. Run the bottom tie through the grommet hole and through the preceding loop and tie it off.


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