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American Coastal Defenses 1885–1950

American Coastal Defenses 1885–1950

Terrance McGovern

Bolling Smith

Peter Bull

About this book
In the late-19th century, with the advances in technology and the increase in America's economic stature, a new round of fortification building began in the United States and its overseas territories. Locations such as Portland, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charlestown, Savannah, Key West, Los Angeles and San Francisco were all extensively fortified. This book provides a concise introduction to the design, development and purpose of American coastal defenses in the modern era (1885–1950), a period defined by the use of concrete, steel, and powerful breech-loading rifles. It covers the emplacements, weaponry, equipment, and people that defended their country in times of great change and uncertainty.

Introduction · Chronology · American coastal defenses in the muzzle-loading era · American coastal defenses during the modern era · Life in the coast artillery · Coastal defense in the modern era · The fort · Armament and batteries · Seacoast ammunition · US-Army controlled submarine mines · Fire control and position finding · Searchlights · The forts today · Recommended reading · Glossary · Appendix: American seacoast artillery weapon characteristics · Index

Paperback; June 2006; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781841769226

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