CA 0160: A Survey of Late 16th/Early 17th Century Embroidered Jackets
[CA 0160]


Kratts, Aimee M.A.


Images of English embroidered jackets are available online and in print, but to date no one has published a comparative study of these jackets or a reference book of the shapes. In this document, the author has gathered information about twenty-five late sixteenth / early seventeenth century jackets and jacket fragments to compare the shapes, embroidery patterns and construction details.

Contents; Abstract, Introduction, Part One: Making A Jacket, Part Two: Blackwork Jackets, Part 3: Fitted Polychrome Jackets, Part 4: Loose Fitting Jackets, Conclusion, Jacket Comparison, List of Reference Portraits, Bibliography, Notes.


Further details:

  • Softcover: 60 pages
  • Language:English
  • Illustrations: B&W
  • EAN-13:CA 0159
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 14.0 x 0.5 cm

Staff Comments:

Period: 1500 - 1600 AD, 1600 - 1700 AD
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