Hooked tags; concentric circle

Dress accessory: Round hooks with concentric circle design

  • Time period: 8th to 11th Century
  • Materials: Brass
  • Product Dimensions: 2.9 cm width x 2.0cm length
  • Further details:

    These hooks are based on this small Anglo-Saxon hooked tag (dress hook) of circular shape, with two pierced lugs for attachment to a garment. Both sides of the tag are decorated with four engraved concentric circles around a central piercing. This reconstruction extrapolates and reconstructs the missing portions of the original to restore it to what it may have looked like when new, rather than in 'as found' condition.

    Manuscript's show examples of winingas wrapped spirally around the lower leg. Hooked tags of various types are often found just below the knees of skeletons; a pair of hooks were found below the kneecaps of a male skeleton in Birka grave Bj903, and similar bird or mask-like hooks were found at 'Ryurik Gorodische', near Novgorod, 9-10th century. Small silver hooked tags were found in a similar position in a 9th century burial at Winchester, England. The location of the hooks as found in the graves make it reasonable to assume that one of their functions was to hold up the winingas.

    Details on the extant object copied: UKDFD Ref. No. - 4602. Dated 8th - 11th century and found in Romney Marsh, Kent. Materials: Copper alloy. Original fragments: Width 11.5 mm, Length 17 mm.

    Sold as a pair.
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