Dress accessory: Points (set of 12)

  • Time period: to 15th Century
  • Materials: Copper alloy chapes, braided black cotton
  • Product Dimensions: 56cm length, 0.5cm diameter.

Further details:

A necessity of medieval male dress, these laces (also called 'points') are used to close a man's hose, and to secure the hose to his doublet . They can also be used to tie the front of a doublet, coat or cloak.


Points were used in Europe throughout the medieval period and into the Renaissance, and can be seen in most images depicting male dress in this period. Extant examples of the chapes abound, and dozens if not hundreds of examples of hollow cones made of sheet metal can be found in the Portable Antiquities Scheme (finds.org.uk), as well in the collection of virtually every museum in Europe. Points are made with high quality braided cord, and the ends are finished with conical "lace chapes" for ease in threading through eyelets.


Copper alloy chapes securely glued to braided cord laces. Hole in chape allows you to stitch the chape to the lace if desired. They are copied from an original documented in the Museum of London's "Dress Accessories" book.


Packet contains 12.

Period: 1100 - 1200 AD, 1200 - 1300 AD, 1300 - 1400 AD

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