Towel; Charcoal diapered on natural

Towel; Charcoal diapered pattern on natural base: 

  • Time period: 11th - 16th Century
  • Materials: Turkish Cotton
  • Product Dimensions:  95cm x 108cm

These incredibly soft, lightweight cloths are finished with a hand knotted fringe end with discrete side selvage – similar to that seen in extant pieces. While lighter than modern towels, they are as absorbent, dry very quickly and compact down tightly. Please note; only a limited number are available at any time and while each item will be similar, they may vary slightly as these are hand crafted pieces.

Aprart from being an excellent size for a towel, this could also be used as a wrap, cover, or earlier shared period napkin.

Care instructions;

The fabric will continue to both soften and become more absorbent over the first 2 or 3 washes. It is suggested for best results to machine wash the cloth in a washingbag to protect from snags, at no more than 30oC, and line or tumble dry on a low heat.

Potted history;

In the medieval household one of the most valued items were textiles. A wide variety of fabric types were made however, none were in-expensive and every scrap of fabric would be utilised in some way. White textiles with decorative weaves and embellished with patterned bands of colour such as these, were woven in linen, cotton, silk and blends of these fibres, depending on the region they were created and the wealth of the purchaser.

Such textiles were mostly destined for domestic use such as table cloths, napkins, placements, towels, hand towels, covers and wraps, as can be seen in the many contemporary domestic images. The very finest of linens were a mark of wealth and status, such that the term linen has become synonymous with table dressings today.

This cloth is hand loomed flat woven in Central Asia in rural areas where this type of cloth - the sizes, patterns and colours - are part of their cultural heritage and continue to be made for their own domestic market. That many of these traditional items are also part of the domestic history of the Medieval Christian world enables a truly special connection with our own past as well as with the east.

Further suggested reading;

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Period: 1000 - 1100 AD, 1100 - 1200 AD, 1200 - 1300 AD, 1300 - 1400 AD, 1400 - 1500 AD, 1500 - 1600 AD
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4 x Boar Bristles
3 x Chape #01 C14th/15th 3/4"
3 x Chape #02 C14/15th 3/4"
3 x Chape #03 C15th 1"
3 x Chape #04 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #05 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #06 C15th 1"
4 x Chape #07 C14/15th 1"
4 x Chape #08 C15th 3/4"
3 x Chape #09 C14/15th 3/4"
4 x Chape #10 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #11 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #12 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #13 C14/15th 1/2"
4 x Chape #14 C14/15th 3/4"
4 x Chape #15 C14/15th 3/4"
4 x Chape #16 C14/15th 1/2"
3 x Chape #17 C14/15th 1/2"
6 x Needle case, secular.
8 x Saddler's Harness Needles #1
8 x Saddler's Harness Needles #4
8 x Thimble rings, large
3 x Belt Buckle #19
2 x Belt Buckle #21
2 x Belt Buckle #01
1 x Belt Buckle #03
1 x Belt Buckle #04
1 x Belt Buckle #05
1 x Belt Buckle #06
1 x Belt Buckle #07
1 x Belt Buckle #08
1 x Belt Buckle #09
1 x Belt Buckle #10
1 x Belt Buckle #11
1 x Belt Buckle #12
1 x Belt Buckle #13
1 x Belt Buckle #14
1 x Belt Buckle #15
1 x Belt Buckle #16
1 x Belt Buckle #17
1 x Belt Buckle #20
1 x Belt Buckle #22
3 x Wayward - Rota Fortunae CD
3 x Trobyll me the bordon
3 x Tales from the Green Valley: DVD
3 x O Dulcis Scotia; CD
3 x Making More Buttons: 28 more needlework buttons
3 x Leibringen: An Introduction to Medieval Wrestling
3 x Eschewynge of Ydlenesse: Music for Dancing CD
3 x Del's Dance Music 5 CD set
3 x Del's Dance Disc
3 x Dance While You May; CD
3 x Needle Case, Devotional
3 x Points
3 x The Colours of Medieval Europe - #2 Second Bath Colours
3 x The Colours of the Dark Ages #2 Bright Colours
4 x Thread Winder, Birka Toggle Bone
4 x Thread Winder, Birka Toggle Horn
4 x Thread Winder, Birka X Bone
4 x Thread Winder, Birka X Horn
2 x Hooked Tags, Triangular geometric
2 x Hooked tags, triangular
2 x Hooked tags, Round, symmetric floral
2 x Hooked tags, Round animal motif
2 x Hooked tags, Round
3 x Chapes, small
2 x Brass Veil Pins
2 x Brass Dress pins
2 x 8cm (3inch) Decorated Gold plated Brass Pins
2 x 8cm (3inch) Decorated Silver plated Pins
2 x Bone Awl
2 x 8cm (3inch) Elegantly Decorated Gold plated Brass Pins
2 x 8cm (3inch) Elegantly Decorated Silver plated Pins
2 x Button #23 x4 9.5mm Domed C14th
2 x Chapes, large
1 x Arming Point Kit
2 x Reindeer Pelt
2 x Pewter Rectangular trencher
2 x Pewter Saucer dish
2 x Porringer
2 x Salt Cellar
3 x Seal top spoon
3 x Slip top spoon
2 x Small Plate
3 x Spoon, Horn
3 x Spoon, timber
4 x St Bartholomew
3 x St James (Greater)
3 x St James (The Lesser)
3 x St John
3 x St Jude
3 x St Mathius
3 x St Peter
2 x St Philip
2 x St Simon
2 x St Thomas
4 x Trammel
3 x Trivet
3 x Tudor Chef's Knife - SOLD
3 x Tudor Plate
4 x Waxed linen cover, Large
4 x Waxed linen cover, Medium
4 x Waxed linen cover, Small
2 x Whistle spoon
3 x Wine Goblet
3 x Wodewose
3 x Fire Starter kit Refill
2 x Jester head spoon
2 x Copper tongs
2 x Acorn spoon
2 x Diamond top spoon
2 x Maidenhead spoon
2 x Acorn knop (pewter acorn knop)
2 x Baluster knop spoon
2 x Chalice Spoon
2 x Momento Mori Pirate Spoon
1 x Hexagonal beaker
1 x Octagonal Flagon
2 x Fire Starter kit
1 x Carved Lady Knife
1 x Inlaid Chaffer Knife - SOLD
1 x Medieval Chef's Knife - SOLD
1 x Morgan Bible Serving Knife - SOLD
1 x Late 13th Century Devotional candleholder
1 x Pewter Domestic candleholder
1 x Jewel top spoon
2 x Wax Tablet and Stylus
3 x Marginalia Fridge Magnet; Cat Snail
3 x Marginalia Fridge Magnet; A Rabbit hawking with a snail on greyhound steed
3 x Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: 3.79L Bulk Bottle
3 x Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: 236 ml pump spray
3 x Brass Care
3 x Table Linen washing instructions.
3 x How to put up your Revival Round Pavilion
3 x High carbon steel knife care.
1 x 15th C Playing Cards
1 x 16th C French playing Cards
1 x 16th C German Flotner card deck
1 x 16th C German Playing Cards
1 x 18th C Playing Cards
1 x Alquerque
1 x Dice cup
1 x Dice, Bone, Ring and Dot
1 x Dice, Bone, Solid Pip
1 x Dice, Clay
1 x Dice, Lead
1 x Dice, Wood, Large
1 x Dice, Wood, Medium
1 x Dice, Wood, Small
1 x Fox and Geese
1 x Game of the Goose
1 x CA 0178: Dead Man Walking; Preventing the Return of the Dead
1 x CA 0177: The Will and Testament of Kale Pakouriane;
1 x CA 0176: Of Honey Brewing Medieval and Renaissance Mead
1 x CA 0175: The book of the Order of Chivalry
1 x Sea Monsters aon Medieval and Renaissance Mmaps
1 x CA 0134: A Practical Guide to Medieval Adhesives
1 x Courtly love in medieval manuscripts.
1 x Magna carta; manuscripts and myths
1 x Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrell Psalter.
1 x Runes
1 x The Medieval Church in Manuscripts
1 x The Murthly Hours
1 x The Roman Vergil
1 x Title Page.
1 x Wealth and the Demand for Art in Italy
1 x CA 0172: Characters and Scenarios of Early Commedia Dell'Arte
1 x CA 0168: German Peasant Clothing 1510-1540
1 x CA 0161: Chronic of a Coracle: The History and Making of a Hide-Covered Boat
1 x CA 0174: To Make Black Sope: A Medieval Soft Soap Manual
1 x CA 0173: Bring Sixteenth-Century Commedia Dell' Arte to Life
1 x CA 0171: Medieval Brewing
1 x CA 0170: To the Hilt: An Examination of Sword Hilts, 1460-1600
1 x CA 0165: Sculptural Sugar Paste: A Subtlety Art
1 x CA 0169: Decorated Eggs and Pysanky
1 x CA 0163: Confections and the English Banquet
1 x CA 0159: Unique Ministerials: Unfree Nobility
1 x CA 0155: An Introduction to the Tudor and Elizabethan House