Saint Alban
[St alban]

Pilgrim badge: St Alban

  • Time period: 15th Century
  • Origin: England
  • Materials: Pewter
  • Product Dimensions: Dimensions; 65mm

Further details:

This depicts the story of England's first matyr. Alban was a legionnaire at Veralamium and converted to Chrisitianity. When he refused to give up his faith his head was tied to a tree by his hair and the Roman executioner in full armour, decapitated him with one blow. At this exact point the executioners eyes popped out on their stalks so that he should never see the good that was to come from St Albans martyrdom.

This is another example of a pilgrims badge which was not associated with an actual shrine. These badges celebrated certain Saints, or aspects of religious belief and acts of devotion and could be bought at most shrines.

Period: 1400 - 1500 AD

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